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Astronomer uses old Nintendo Game Boy to capture a two-bit view of the cosmos

By Nickey Ross - on 7 Jul 2017, 11:29am

Astronomer uses old Nintendo Game Boy to capture a two-bit view of the cosmos

Image source: Alexander Peitrow

An astronomy student in Netherlands decided to apply a back-to-basics approach to astrophotography. Alexander Pietrow connected a two-bit Game Boy camera to a 6-inch telescope that is almost two centuries old. He wondered if the camera was capable of astrophotography and decided to try it out after learning no one had attempted it before.

Using the obsolete camera, a cell phone adapter and the ancient telescope, Alexander first took test shots of a clock tower. He was pleased with the results as the photos captured the detail of the tower. A few weeks later, Alexander went to an observatory to put his experiment into action.

He took photos of the Moon first by connecting the Game Boy camera to the viewfinder before switching to the telescope. Photos taken with the viewfinder did not have much detail. However, when taken through the telescope, the Moon's craters can be seen in the images.

Here's how Alexander's setup looked like.Note the two-bit camera attachment in the first picture. <br> Image source: Gizmodo.

Alexander then moved his attention to gas giant Jupiter and photographed it. To his surprise, he found Jupiter's four moons lurking around in the photograph as well. He plans on using a filter to capture sunspots on the Sun alongside photographing Saturn. Alexander intends to go further with low resolution astrophotography.

Source: CNET.