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Apple's Orchard Road store is expected to open soon

By Michael Low & James Lu - on 5 May 2017, 10:30am

Apple's Orchard Road store is expected to open soon

Apple took down the barricades at its upcoming Orchard Road flagship store last night, suggesting the grand opening of Apple's first retail store in South East Asia could be imminent.

While you still can't see the store, there are now huge icons on display that show an Apple, a Heart, and a Red Dot, representing 'Apple Loves the Little Red Dot', although a few people have suggested that the red dot looks more like the Japanese flag, and thus "Apple loves Japan."

Closer to street level you'll also see twelve smaller icons, each one representing one of the Creative Pros or "Red Dot Heroes" Apple has selected as brand ambassadors. Some of these Red Dot Heroes will be conducting free hands-on educational sessions at the store when it officially opens. These sessions are part of a worldwide scheme called Today at Apple, which will be launching concurrently at all Apple retail stores across the world later this month.

When it opens, Apple Orchard Road could occupy four floors of the Knightsbridge Mall — from basement 1 to level 3 — according to construction plans that were placed at the storefront’s barricade previously. Another interesting nugget of information is that the new Apple Store will rely entirely on solar energy for its operations in Singapore.