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The Apple Watch has officially arrived in Malaysia

By Bryan Chan - on 6 Jan 2016, 9:11am

The Apple Watch has officially arrived in Malaysia

The Apple Watch is finally officially available in Malaysia. Make a quick trip to Apple's official site and you'll find that you can now purchase the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch. Pricing for the Apple Watch Sport start at RM1,599, while the Apple Watch start at RM2,499.

What's interesting is that there will be several exclusive variants of the Apple Watch Sport here in Malaysia, in conjunction with the Chinese New Year. The exclusive variants come with either a gold or silver aluminum case, along with a red sport band. These editions are only available until February 22 though.

The exclusive Apple Watch Sport variants will only be available till February 22.


The Apple Watch Sport will be available in:

 Gold, silver, Rose Gold, and Space Gray aluminum casings. The silver variant comes with either a white, orange, or blue sport band, while the Space Gray comes with only a black band. The 38mm Rose Gold comes with a Lavender band, while the 42mm version comes with a Stone band. Finally, the 38mm gold variant will come with an Antique White band, while the 42mm version comes with a Midnight Blue band. Pricing is set at RM1,599 for the 38mm variants, and RM1,849 for the 42mm variants.

As for the Apple Watch, it's available in:

Space Black stainless steel and standard stainless steel casings. Band options for the Space Black variant includes the black sports band and the Space Black Link Bracelet.

As for the standard stainless steel, there's red and white sports bands; Saddle Brown and black classic buckles; Midnight Blue (42mm) and Soft Pink (38mm) modern buckles; a Stone Leather Loop (42mm); Milanese Loops; Link Bracelets; and Space Black Link Bracelets. Pricing differs according to the chosen strap, so it's best to give the Apple site a visit.

There's also the Apple Watch Edition, which comes in 18-karat Rose Gold or 18-karat Yellow Gold casings. Unfortunately, while the prices are listed on the site (starting at a whopping RM47,000), they're not up for sale just yet.