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Apple still considering MediaTek's modems for future iPhones

By Cookie Monster - on 3 Jul 2018, 12:00am

Apple still considering MediaTek's modems for future iPhones

Apple is still mulling plans to recruit MediaTek as a potential supplier of modem chips for future iPhones. 

Supply chain sources in Taiwan told DigiTimes that Apple has yet to make a decision until MediaTek and Qualcomm could reach a consensus on several aspects such as product roadmap, technology development and collaborative efforts. However, MediaTek is likely to secure Wi-Fi chip orders from Apple for use in the HomePod devices. 

MediaTek recently unveiled its 5G modem chipset, the Helio M70 at Computex 2018 in Taipei. The Helio M70 is stated to support mobile data speeds of up to 5Gbps and will be built on a 7nm process. The unveiling of the Helio M70 chipset is reportedly half a year ahead of schedule and this suggests that MediaTek is trying to establish itself as a reliable supplier of modems in hopes of securing some orders from Apple. 

In November 2017, The Wall Street Journal claimed that MediaTek could be a second supplier as Apple is planning to drop Qualcomm chips from the iPhone and iPad. A month later, DigiTimes followed up with its own report stating that MediaTek could win modem chip orders from Apple as it has leading technological competitiveness, extensive product blueprints and reliable logistic support.

Source: DigiTimes