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Apple previews iOS 11.3 with new Animoji, battery health and performance toggle

By Cookie Monster - on 24 Jan 2018, 11:01pm

Apple previews iOS 11.3 with new Animoji, battery health and performance toggle

Hours after releasing iOS 11.2.5, Apple just previewed the next iOS update (iOS 11.3) which will be coming in spring. 

iOS 11.3 will add four new Animoji for the iPhone X, which allows users to express themselves as a lion, bear, dragon or skull. The four new Animoji will add to the existing set of 12. 

As promised, there will be new features to show battery health and recommend if a battery needs to be serviced. These new features can be found in Settings > Battery, and are available for iPhone 6 and newer models.

Users can also choose to enable or disable the power management feature, which was first introduced in iOS 10.2.1 to prevent unexpected shutdowns. This is available for the iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus,6s Plus, iPhone SE, and iPhone 7/7 Plus.

With AR being the next big thing for Apple, it is no surprise that AR will be a major focus on iOS 11.3. The next update will bring ARKit 1.5 to developers to provide more immersive AR experiences that better integrate with the world and give them tools to create a new generation of AR apps. ARKit can now recognize and place virtual objects on vertical surfaces (e.g. walls) and can more accurately map irregularly shaped surfaces (e.g. circular tables). 

Apple will bring Business Chat (Beta) with the support of select business such as Hilton and Lowe's. Business Chat is a new way for users to communicate directly with businesses within the Messages app; they can have a conversation with the service staff, schedule an appointment or make purchases using Apple Pay. 

The Health app will be updated to integrate health records from multiple medical service providers into the interface. Medical data from participating medical institutions can also be organized into one view with regular notifications for lab results, medications and conditions delivered to the users. 

Other new features include ad-free music video streaming in Apple Music, improved Top Stories and a new Video group in For You section of Apple News to stay up-to-date on important videos, making it easier for accessory makers to add HomeKit support to their existing products through HomeKit software authentication and support for Advanced Mobile Location (AML) to automatically send a user's current location when a call is being made to emergency services.

Source: Apple