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Is Apple going to release a new iPhone SE model soon?

By Cookie Monster - on 20 Apr 2018, 4:00am

Is Apple going to release a new iPhone SE model soon?

The Apple iPhone SE.

References in an Eurasian regulatory database suggest that Apple is launching a new iPhone model soon. 

The new filing was discovered by Consomac and has references to several unannounced iPhone models with 11 identifiers. As devices usually appear in the database a month before they ship, we are expecting a launch in early May or June. 

The Eurasian Economic Commission database has a solid track record of accuracy when it comes to revealing past unannounced Apple products including the AirPods and iPhone 7. Although the new filing does not reveal the model of the iPhone, it is easy to narrow down the possibilities based on logic.

Apple is only expected to unveil the three new iPhone models in September, hence it is safe to say that the 11 identifiers are definitely not about them. Could it be the gold iPhone X? With rumors of the iPhone X going end-of-life (EOL) in the middle of the year, it doesn't make sense for Apple to unveil a new color model in May or June. 

The iPhone SE is long overdue for a refresh as it was announced in March 2016. Announcing a new iPhone SE aongside the three new iPhone models in September would risk it being overshadowed. In addition, recent rumors suggest that the next-gen iPhone SE model is likely to sport the same design with upgrades in specs, so a product launch via a press release in May or June is possible. 

Source: Consomac via 9to5Mac