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Anonymous to teach hacktivism courses

By Chong Jinn Wei - on 23 Apr 2016, 7:00am

Anonymous to teach hacktivism courses

Collective hacktivist group, Anonymous, has offered to teach willing participants the basics of hacktivism through their recently launched OnionIRC dark web chatroom.

Anonymous has created an OnionIRC chatroom that aims to teach willing participants on the art and history of hacking. <br> Image source: Techworm


“The OnionIRC is designed to allow for full anonymity and we welcome all to use it as a hub for all Anonymous operations, general free speech or any project or group concerned about privacy and looking to build a strong community,” said an Anonymous representative.

Anonymous plans to swell their ranks by educating people through scheduled classes. The new chat service will teach topics, but not limited to, encryption, coding and hacking. Their aim is to help prepare future generations to effectively utilize their new skills and the history behind their goals.

A number of writers from HackRead have tried out the classes and found that the majority of people present in the sessions were novice to hacking. They however noted that the organizers were patient with teaching newcomers about the subject.

If you are interested to join the chatroom, the instructions can be found through this link.

Source: Techworm