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AMD has bought over wireless VR startup Nitero

By Bryan Chan & Kenny Yeo - on 11 Apr 2017, 11:01am

AMD has bought over wireless VR startup Nitero

(Image source: Dauntless)

Virtual reality is touted to be the next big thing and AMD seems to be betting big on it. The company has just confirmed that it has acquired Nitero, a startup that specializes in wireless VR and AR.

Specifically, Nitero makes wireless chips that enable systems to stream content wirelessly to VR headsets and AR glasses. To meet the high bandwidth requirements of streaming VR and AR content, Nitero's chips make use of ultra-fast 60GHz technologies to stream data.

AMD's CTO, Mark Papermaster said that unwieldy cables remain to be a significant barrier to the adoption of VR and the acquisition of Nitero will help remove this barrier.

The acquisition of Nitero will allow for tighter integration of Nitero's wireless technologies with AMD's GPU and CPUs.

Source: AMD