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AMD announces their new PRO A-Series mobile processors

By John Law - on 30 Sep 2015, 12:07pm

AMD announces their new PRO A-Series mobile processors

Business owners and consumers looking for an alternative to an Intel Ultrabook or notebook, you may want to cast your gaze towards the direction of AMD.

The Sunnyvale company officially announced the availability of their brand-new AMD PRO A-Series mobile processors, which are aimed towards the business owner looking for secure and reliable notebooks.

The new PRO A-Series processors, developed in collaboration with the partners like HP, ExactTrak, and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (Qualcomm), brings with it new features and performance upgrades, such as enhanced security, a boost in performance, as well as some of the first-to-market Windows 10 equipped commercial laptop systems.

“The innovative architecture of new AMD PRO processors delivers compelling performance to stay ahead of the evolving demands of business today,” Jim Anderson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Computing and Graphics, AMD, says. “Going PRO with AMD means unmatched dependability with platform stability, processor longevity and an opportunity for richer system configurations. AMD gives its customers choice and affordability to meet specific business needs, without compromising the ability to manage and maintain a secure, stable, and reliable environment.”, he added.

AMD's Secure Processor takes security seriously, and in many levels.

Here are some of the key features that come with AMD’s new PRO A-Series mobile processors:

  • First commercial processor in the industry designed to be compliant with the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA) 1.0 specification to make programming accelerators such as the GPU far simpler, leading to greater application performance at low power consumption.
  • First ARM TrustZone capable commercial performance APU with a dedicated AMD Secure Processor. ARM TrustZone® runs on top of the hardware enabling sensitive tasks to run on the AMD Secure Processor – in the “secure world” – while other tasks are run in “standard operation.”
  • First commercial performance APU with a true System-on-Chip (SoC) design to provide substantial gains in CPU, graphics and multimedia performance.
  • First commercial processor with High-Efficiency Video Compression (HEVC) decoder capability for mainstream notebooks to stream HD and Ultra HD content.

AMD also introduced the AMD PRO A12 APU, the company fastest notebook APU to date.

AMD also took the opportunity to introduce their new AMD PRO A12 APU, the company’s fastest notebook APU to date. With a CPU clockspeed of 3.4GHz, the A12 is the first AMD PRO mobile processor that carries 12 Compute cores, and is the only mobile processor with a Radeon R7 GPU with a max clockspeed of 800MHz, as well as 512 graphics Compute cores.

The AMD PRO A-Series mobile processors are already available on the market via online resellers, and are currently being offered on HP notebooks listed below:

  • HP EliteBook 705 G3 Series PCs
  • HP EliteBook 725 Series
  • HP EliteBook 745 Series
  • HP EliteBook 755 Series

All notebooks carrying AMD"s new PRO A-Series processor will bear Qualcomm's new Snapdragon X5 LTE modem.

As an extra added bonus, all the aforementioned notebooks will be equipped with Qualcomm’s latest and most advanced modem technology, the Snapdragon X5 LTE modem.

“With the increasing demand for enterprise mobility, we are excited to have our Qualcomm SnapdragonTM X5 LTE modem play a role in providing seamless 4G connectivity and location capabilities on the HP EliteBook G3 705 series,” Fram Akiki, Senior Director of Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies commented. “Working closely with HP and AMD, we believe the HP EliteBook 705 G3 Series will benefit enterprise users, delivering fast and secure connectivity for cost-effective cloud-based solutions like asset tracking, remote data wipe, sponsored connectivity and pay-as-you-go applications.”

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