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Adobe Document Cloud adds Scan and Sign functionalities

By Ian Chee - on 8 Jun 2017, 11:34am

Adobe Document Cloud adds Scan and Sign functionalities

For many who work remotely, being able to use a mobile device to scan documents and turn them into PDF files can be the difference between getting a digital copy of said document within seconds, or minutes having to spend more time typing them out manually. For those whose jobs have signatures play a major role, equally important is the ability for you to get people to drop their signatures into the digital documents using just your mobile devices. Adobe has added features to its Document Cloud platform to make this happen, called Adobe Scan and Adobe Sign, respectively.

Image source: Adobe.

Adobe Scan is pretty self explanatory – it turns your mobile device into a scanner that makes a digital copy of any document you need, from shopping receipts, business cards, or even things written on a whiteboard. You can even get photos of documents taken from before processed by Adobe Scan, and it will do the rest in turning the photo into a PDF document. You can also have the text from the document selected and copied onto another document, as Adobe Scan turns them into digital text that you can use on other documents as well.

Image source: MacWorld.

Adobe Sign, on the other hand, is the tool you need to make work procedures involving e-signatures a simpler affair. The idea behind it is simple – letting your mobile device act as a digital signature pad, for when you need one on a digital document, including those scanned using Adobe Scan. You also get other tools like customizable email templates for requesting and confirming signatures, as well as adding business stamps.

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