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Acer to Raise RM50,000 for Stop Hunger Now

By Sharmine Ishak - on 15 Aug 2013, 11:42am

Acer to Raise RM50,000 for Stop Hunger Now

Acer has just announced its partnership with Stop Hunger Now (SHN) to raise a target of RM50,000, which will be used to feed up to 300,000 people. The fundraiser kicked off with an RM10,000 commitment from Acer Malaysia. Additionally, another RM5 from every Acer product sold at their roadshows will be donated to the Stop Hunger Now program.

Stop Hunger Now (SHN) delivering food packs to beneficiaries, Pak Ali and Majid who are in need at Kampung Samy in Port Klang

"Acer decided to sign up with Stop Hunger Now for a two-month program as part of our giving back to society effort," said Ricky Tan, General Manager of Acer Sales & Services. "We have committed to donate a minimum of RM10,000 or 10,000 packs of meals. With each pack being able to provide 6 reasonable meal servings, these 10,000 packs will feed 60,000 people. However, we hope to do more than just this with the help of generous Malaysians. We are enlarging the program to the public to join in on this voluntary effort."

The public can also make a donation without any purchase at For every RM10 donated, the public can help save over 60 people by providing them food. Each Stop Hunger Now meal pack costs just RM1 and is highly nutritious, as it contains rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables and a flavoring mix including 21 essential vitamins and minerals. With a shelf life of two years, it is also easy to transport, providing a viable solution to combat hunger among the world's most impoverished.

"Acer Malaysia hopes that by collaborating with Stop Hunger Now, we can in a small way, contribute towards alleviating hunger amongst the world’s poorest. We hope the public will join us in contributing towards this program," added Tan.

The meal packing from the funds raised via this program is scheduled to take place on World Peace Day on September 21.

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