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5 Netflix hacks for this Father's Day

By Chong Jinn Wei - on 18 Jun 2017, 11:00am

5 Netflix hacks for this Father's Day

Looking to show your appreciation in a big way this Father's Day? Well, here are five nifty hacks to help the dad in your life have a splendid viewing experience on Netflix.

Improve your dad's enjoyment of his favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix by following these simple steps. <br>Image source: Netflix.

First, make sure he’s enjoying his favorite TV shows, movies, and documentaries in Full HD or 4K Ultra HD (where applicable). To ensure Netflix content are played at the best video quality available, head to and switch it to High. This ensures all content are streamed at their highest quality.

Netflix generally knows which TV shows or movies to suggest, but to make it only recommend what your dad likes, be sure to utilize Netflix's thumbs up/down system. Just give a 'thumbs up' to his favorite programs, and 'thumbs down' on other content. Doing so will help Netflix’s recommendation algorithm identify potential new shows to suit your dad’s preferences.

Did you know that your viewing history can be scrubbed? In the event that your dad watches Netflix content using a shared profile, you can pick and remove previously-watched episodes by accessing your viewing history. This also works both ways, since dad may want to hide the fact that he's been getting ahead of mom with one of Kate del Castillo's telenovela.

You can also customize the way subtitles are presented on Netflix. Simply locate the 'Subtitle Appearance' option from your account settings, and tweak everything from font size, color to styling. Once saved, dad will appreciate foreign language content better without having to squint at the screen.

Last but not least, if dad really wants to catch the latest episodes of House of Cards but found himself always on the go, why not help him out by downloading said episodes to his smartphone or tablet for offline viewing? Both the mobile app and Windows 10 desktop app allow users to store TV episodes or movies for later.

If you still want to get something for your dad, consider a Netflix recommended Smart TV. In addition to outputting great quality videos, these TVs have been optimized with Netflix by powering on faster and even having a dedicated Netflix button on the remote to immediately power on the TV to watch Netflix. Some of the recommended Smart TVs are from brands like LG, Samsung, and Sony.

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