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2018 iPhones may drop Touch ID for Face ID like the iPhone X

By Ian Chee - on 13 Oct 2017, 11:51am

2018 iPhones may drop Touch ID for Face ID like the iPhone X

Earlier in the week, we reported that KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo claims that the upcoming iPad Pro models will be using Face ID, but did not say if Touch ID will be removed from these devices to make way for the new 3D sensing technology found on the iPhone X. It would seem that the analyst has followed up with another note, saying that the 2018 iPhone lineup will go the way of the iPhone X.

This could mean that we will see next-generation iPhones with the display taking up the entirety of the front like the iPhone X.

Specifically, this means that Kuo suspects that the new iPhones will indeed come with Face ID, and not Touch ID.

The analyst thinks that Apple will capitalize on the clear lead in 3D sensing design and production for smartphones, making the 3D sensing feature a key selling point of the iPhones next year. This focus, in turn, will be why Apple is predicted to abandon fingerprint sensing entirely, even if it means going back on an earlier prediction that the company may still work on making in-display fingerprint sensors a thing.

On the Android side of things, he believes that devices using Google’s mobile OS will also move towards 3D sensing rather than under-display fingerprint sensors. Even if there are some who will have fingerprint sensors within the display (especially among Chinese manufacturers), he believes they will not catch on due to high selling prices.

Source: 9to5Mac.