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10nm ARM SoCs being produced by Intel and ARM

By Bryan Chan & James Lu - on 17 Aug 2016, 3:30pm

10nm ARM SoCs being produced by Intel and ARM

Here's something we never thought would happen: arch-rivals Intel and ARM have announced a collaboration to co-develop and manufacture ARM SoCs on Intel's new 10nm manufacturing process.

Intel's state-of-the-art Intel Custom Foundry will be producing the 10nm FinFET ARM chips, firstly for LG Electronics, but with the possibility for other ARM licensees to also place orders.

Manufacturing ARM chips is a big shift for Intel, who previously had been trying to compete with ARM in the mobile space with its own x86 Atom CPUs, until the entire Intel Atom line was cancelled in April this year.

"ARM is a leader in processor and physical design, and Intel Custom Foundry is a leading integrated device manufacturer. This combination is a win-win for customers" said ARM's Will Abbey.

Intel's Zane Ball added: "Our 10nm design platform for foundry customers will now offer access to ARM Artisan physical IP, including POP IP, based on the most advanced ARM cores and Cortex series processors."

Source: ARM & Intel