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Toshiba Qosmio F750 – Feast for the Eyes, Music to the Ears

By Daniel Goh - 20 Sep 2011


Look Beyond That 3D Screen

Without a doubt, the main hook of the Qosmio F750 will have to be the glasses-free 3D technology that comes bundled with the notebook. But seeing that we received the 2D model, we will be focusing on the other premium features that can at times be often overshadowed by 3D.

First, let’s not forget about the signature harman/kardon speakers that came built into the notebook. On its own, the speakers demonstrate great audio quality but basically nothing to jump and shout about. However, pairing them with the Realtek HD Audio Manager is when the speakers truly start to shine, I am talking about a crisp and clear mid-range, high-fidelity trebles and even a booming bass sound. To top it all off, distortion was kept to a bare minimum. Thanks to the audio prowess, watching movies on the F750 was an extremely enjoyable experience. A built-in subwoofer would be a welcomed addition, but nonetheless, we were still more than satisfied with the overall audio quality.

By switching the audio enhancers on, the audio quality really improved by leaps and bounds

Since so much emphasis was put on the harman/kardon speakers, Toshiba decided to also equip the Qosmio F750 with a Sleep+Music function, which allows users to plug in their portable devices and listen to their favorite playlists via the speakers even when the laptop is switched off. This will definitely come in handy if you are planning a trip with some buddies and just want some tunes to groove to without turning on the entire laptop itself.

Connect audio devices via the 3.5mm audio jack to broadcast your sound and take advantage of the sweet harman/kardon speakers

As the entertainment industry moves into the realm of high definition, older mediums like DVD are fast becoming obsolete. But don’t throw out your DVD collection just yet, because the F750 features Resolution+, an upscaling mechanism utilized by the preinstalled Toshiba Video Player. This function will add color vividness to DVD movies, making them even more enjoyable on the laptop. However, for those with lower resolution video content, tough luck, because the video player only supports a narrow selection of video formats.

Be prepared to be frustrated by this message a lot!