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Toshiba Qosmio F750 – Feast for the Eyes, Music to the Ears

By Daniel Goh - 20 Sep 2011


Just Like Candy

In classic Qosmio fashion, the F750 comes in the traditional colors of black and red. The top cover was given a striking red paint job with a dotted wavelet texture, which seemingly doubles as additional grip when you're holding the notebook in your hands.

The wave-like pattern makes it appealing to look at

We absolutely loved how the panels from the side fittings extend to encompass the entire unit

On the inside, you’ll see a huge sound bar on the top, which masks the two harman/kardon speakers, and a faux fiberglass design in the area where the touchpad resides. Instead of the chiclet keys that you’ll find on most notebook these days, the F750 decided to go with a flushed keyboard and even threw in a full number pad for good measure.

The perceived soundbar extends the entire length but there are basically two speaker units on either side

The different style keyboard makes for an unusually comfortable typing experience

Although you won’t find backlit keys on this baby, the F750 does come packed with a few LED touch function buttons that shine bright on the upper-right corner, with a bar of light to guide your fingers to the touchpad.

Flip the unit over and it becomes obvious that the designers placed emphasis on heat dissipation, as the rear is filled with outlets and vents for this very purpose. Also, amidst the vents, we spotted easy access to upgrade memory modules and other components, which is a definite plus.

Here you'll find your usual AV connectivity options including HDMI and VGA, as well as two USB ports and another heat vent

3.5mm audio and mic jacks, a USB port and the DVD tray populate this part of the notebook