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Samsung SSD 960 Pro: Raising the bar for SSDs everywhere

By John Law & Kenny Yeo - 19 Oct 2016

AS SSD results

AS SSD 1.8.5636.36856 Results

AS SSD is a benchmark that uses non-compressible and completely random data. This benchmark is useful because some controllers, like the once popular but now defunct SandForce SF-2281, compress data first before moving them around. However, with non-compressible and random data, controllers cannot compress the data first, which forces them to deal with data as they are. Therefore, this is a useful benchmark to prevent drivers using controllers like the SF-2281 controller or similar from gaining an upper hand.

The Samsung SSD 960 Pro began strongly on AS SSD, recording some of the highest speeds on the Copy Benchmark. However, the SSD 950 Pro also showed that it's no pushover, and its scores were actually really close to the newer SSD 960 Pro. Looking at the sequential read and write performance, the SSD 960 Pro's sequential write speeds were impressive and over 35 percent higher than the SSD 960 Pro and over 210 percent faster than the RD400!

Unfortunately, the SSD 960 Pro's 4K performance was quite underwhelming. While its 4K read performance was good, its 4K write performance was way below our expectations as it managed just 135.06MB/s, which was about 12 percent slower than the SSD 950 Pro and over 25 percent slower than both the RD400 and SSD 750 Series. Fortunately, it redeemed itself on the intensive 4K, 64 queue depth workload, as it was the only drive to record speeds of over 1GB/s on both read and write workloads.