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Samsung SSD 960 Pro: Raising the bar for SSDs everywhere

By John Law & Kenny Yeo - 19 Oct 2016

Iometer results (Part 1)

Iometer Results (Part 1)

Lastly, we put the drives through the rigorous grind of Iometer, with different workloads and I/O queue depths. We have chosen to show results from a queue depth of 1 to 5 as this better represents the workloads a typical consumer might face. 

So far, the Samsung SSD 960 Pro has impressed us with its very strong sequential read and write performance, and this continued on Iometer. Its performance on the 64K streaming reads and writes workloads were the highest we have seen on any drive, so much so that read performance was nearly double that of its predecessor and its closest competitors. However, the SSD 960 Pro couldn't maintain this lead on the more intensive File and Web Server workloads. On the File Server workload, it was on a par with its predecessor; but on the Web Server workload, the SSD 950 Pro managed to take a slight lead. Nevertheless, the strong showing on the 64K streaming read and write workloads ensured that the SSD 960 Pro was our strongest performer on Iometer.