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HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3635: Photo maestro

By Peter Chu - 1 Mar 2016
Launch SRP: RM319

HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3635: Photo maestro

This article first appeared in the March 2016 issue of HWM Malaysia.

Quick question: what can you get for RM300 these days? Well, it mostly depends on how frugal or extravagant you are. But regardless of how cautious (or careless) you are with your finances, you probably didn’t think that you’d be able to get a multifunction inkjet printer from HP for that kind of money, now did you? Lo and behold, there’s the HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3635 – an all-in-one printing machine that costs just RM319. It’s most certainly affordable in every sense of the word, but is it any good?

Setting up the DeskJet Ink Advantage 3635 couldn’t be any easier. If you’re going to be using it as your personal printer, simply hook it up to your notebook or desktop PC via its USB 2.0 port and you’re pretty much good to go. If you’re planning on sharing it on your home or office network, just follow the included step-by-step installation guide and it should be up and running in no more than five minutes.

Unlike most conventional inkjet printers, which are usually fitted with a dedicated ink tank, the consumables for the DeskJet Ink Advantage 3635 comes in the form of cartridges – two of them, to be exact. There’s a black ink cartridge, and a tri-color cartridge that houses the cyan, magenta, and yellow colors. If you were wondering, the HP 680 black ink cartridge has a page yield of about 480 pages, while its tri-color counterpart has a much lower page yield of about 150 pages. Not a whole lot, but then again, the DeskJet Ink Advantage 3635 isn’t exactly positioned for high-volume printing.

The HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3635 has a small, but nonetheless informative display on its top panel.

Although its RM319 price tag might suggest otherwise, the DeskJet Ink Advantage 3635 actually performs respectably well. It managed to print out an A4-sized Word document in 10 seconds flat, an 8-page PDF document that had a handful of images in one minute and 27 seconds, and a lengthy 25-page, graphic-laden Word document in five minutes and 28 seconds.

With that said, the DeskJet Ink Advantage 3635’s document print quality isn’t quite what we expected, as we didn’t even need to squint or get up close with one of its printouts to notice that the text was fuzzy around the edges. While switching its print quality from ‘Standard’ to ‘Best’ did help cut down on the graininess by a small margin, we’re just not sure if it would be worth waiting an additional 15 seconds for a single-page printout as a result.

But if there is one thing that the DeskJet Ink Advantage 3635 is amazingly good at, it would be printing beautiful photos. The photo of a colorful red-eye tree frog that we used as a gauge was printed out with deep, vibrant and punchy colors, despite leaving the print quality to ‘Standard’.

All things considered, the DeskJet Ink Advantage 3635 is actually a really decent printer. Sure, its document print quality isn’t quite as sharp, but it compensates for it by being able to churn out stellar quality photos. What’s more, it’s also very reasonably priced, and is likewise able to function as both a scanner and copier – what else can you ask from a RM319 printer?