Dyson V8 Fluffy Pro: Powerful suction at a price

By Michael Low - 15 Nov 2017
Launch SRP: RM2999

Dyson V8 Fluffy Pro: Powerful suction at a price

Everyone has different levels of tolerance for dust and clutter in the home. Whether it’s rearranging furniture and decor or cleaning out closets and drawers, your housework routine will inevitably result in the discovery of dirt, hair, and other fine debris that built up over time in the unlikeliest of places.

Growing up, the roar of a vacuum cleaner on a weekend morning can only mean one thing: mandatory spring cleaning is now in session. To say that it triggered a sense of dread and resignation in teenage-me would be an understatement, but I digress. Fast forward to the present, as a card-carrying adult, I began to view the weekly cleaning ritual as less of a chore and more of my own volition.

Granted, sweeping and mopping are my two least favorite activities when it comes to housework, but mainly due to the futility of sweeping with a broom. You would think you have covered all the bases, but look closer and you’ll find the airborne dust have slowly settled back on the floor, room corners and  baseboards.

For one month, I was given the opportunity to put the Dyson V8 through its paces. Dyson calls the V8 its most powerful cord-free vacuum, and it’s easy to see why. It delivers more suction power and twice the runtime than its 2014 predecessor, the V6. Currently, there are two variants available: the RM2,999 V8 Fluffy Pro and the RM3,299 V8 Absolute Plus. Both feature the same compact cord-free vacuum, with the latter providing additional tools and brushes, as well as a direct-drive cleaner head for deep carpet cleaning.

If we’re not counting the robot vacuums, the V8 is indeed the most expensive vacuum cleaner money can buy today. Some may even wonder if it’s worth the investment, seeing as the V6 can still be found in stores for around RM1,899. Now that I have had a whole month to test out the V8, I think it’s time I share my thoughts on Dyson’s latest cord-free vacuum.

The colors are there for a reason

By now, most of you should be familiar with Dyson’s use of colors and functional pieces in designing its roster of innovative products. The V8 is no different, as the vacuum unit itself uses the color purple and red to indicate a specific action. The washable pre-motor and post-motor filters are both in purple and removable for monthly cleaning. Like the V6, the post-motor filter has been redesigned with HEPA filtration to capture allergens and bacteria and expel clean air to the back of the machine – crucial, as there were instances where it gets blown directly in my face during use.

Up top, the red handle between the cyclone assembly and motor section needs to be pulled twice to empty the content of the bin – trapdoor style. The polycarbonate bin, which offers a clear (and satisfying) view of the dirt and grimes already trapped by the V8, is slightly larger at 0.54L (compared to the V6’s 0.4L). This, along with the Dyson digital motor V8, two-tier Radial cyclones, and the six-cell Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminium batteries, make for a 2.6kg machine that is light enough to be lifted and maneuvered freely, but not so lightweight that you won’t tire your finger from holding down the red trigger button to keep the vacuum running.

The four tool attachments that came bundled with the V8 Fluffy Pro.

Further down is a red button mechanism on the attachment point for easy swapping between the cleaner head, tool attachments, and the wand for added reach. The V8 Fluffy Pro that we tested provides a soft roller cleaner head that combines woven nylon and anti-static carbon filaments to remove large debris and fine dust on hard floors. Four quick-release tools are also included in the box. The mini motorized tool is great for taking care of pet hair on sofas, beds or the car, both crevice and flexi crevice tools are what you’ll need to get into hard-to-reach areas, while the combination tool has an extendable brush to clean as you see fit. Whether it’s the ceiling, down below, or somewhere in between, the ability to operate the V8 in either handheld and stick mode simply cannot be overstated.

More suction power, twice the runtime

There are three LEDs on the battery level indicator to inform you of its charging status.

New to the V8 is a battery level indicator to keep you informed of available power. Battery life times are more or less in line with the official estimates: On a full charge, you can easily get up to 40 minutes when the V8 is paired with the combination and crevice tools, or close to 30 minutes with the soft roller cleaner head and mini motorized tool attached. There will be times when you require higher suction (115AW, to be exact), but the downside to Max mode is you only get about seven minutes of use – even with the non-motorized attachments.

For the more stubborn remains, you'd want to set this toggle to Max, but you'll only have about seven minutes of use from a full charge.

While 40 minutes may not sound like a long time, I was able to do cover a 1,020 square foot household with half a charge to spare. If it was the V6, this would be the time to hook it to the mains for recharging. Getting the V8 fully charged is a five-and-a-half-hour affair – which, truth be told, is a little longer than expected. The docking station that comes bundled with the vacuum can be wall mounted, preferably next to the nearest power outlet, for both convenience and a cleaner presentation.

The key to maneuvering the soft roller cleaner head is to suck in dust and dirt with a forward motion. Occasionally, hair strands that get picked up from the side are not pulled in completely, necessitating manual removal.

It's also worth noting that the V8 was acoustically engineered to perform 50-percent quieter than previous generation models. According to Dyson, this was achieved through a combination of streamlined airflow paths, vibration absorption and sound-muffling materials. Sure, the digital motor V8 spins at up to 110,000 times a minute, but what you hear is a high-pitched whine that, for the lack of a better word, sounded relatively pleasant – as far as shrill sound is concerned. Similar to the Supersonic hair dryer, it was possible to have a short conversation over the V8, though I don't see why you can't let go off the trigger to have a proper chat.


In the time that I spent with the Dyson V8 Fluffy Pro, I've found that I am much more inclined to tidy up impromptu messes than I was a month ago. Thanks to its cord-free nature, The ease and reach afforded by the individual attachments allowed me to get into areas that would have made me think twice before embarking on the cleaning adventure. With that said, the battery life though much improved from its predecessors is something a prospective owner should really think about, as a 1,020 sq ft household shaved off around 20 minutes of battery life in our test, give or take.

There's also the price to consider. At RM2,999, the V8 Fluffy Pro is quite an investment (the V8 Absolute Plus even more so at RM3,299). What we can say with confidence is that it will be hard to go back to a regular vacuum cleaner once you've given the V8 a go. Think about it, there's no need to look for a power outlet, and if you're staying in an apartment with a good distance from your parked vehicle, you can easily take it with you for a good cleaning, and back it goes to the docking station.

It's safe to say that the V8 has made what used to be a chore into a fun and rewarding experience.