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Canon PIXMA G3000: Printing for the masses

By Peter Chu - 4 Jan 2016
Launch SRP: RM799

Introduction, Design & Features

Mention the words ‘inkjet printer’ to someone who’s even the least bit familiar with printers, and the first brand that would very likely spring to his or her mind is Canon, also a dominating presence in the inkjet printer market in Malaysia for the past 20 years. That being said, will Canon’s PIXMA G3000 wireless multifunction inkjet printer be able to uphold and continue the company’s legacy for dependable inkjet printers? Let’s dive in to find out.

Design and features

You can immediately tell that the PIXMA G3000 is designed to fit in inconspicuously at an office just by looking at its matte black plastic chassis. Its inconspicuous nature is further substantiated by its compact footprint of 445 mm (width) by 330 mm (depth), which is modest enough for you to place it directly on your workstation without having to worry about it devouring too much of your desk’s precious real estate.

Look over to the top of the PIXMA G3000 and you’ll find four LED indicators and five physical function buttons: Power, Stop, Wi-Fi, Black, and Color. The last two buttons – which serve as Start buttons – are tied to the PIXMA G3000’s copying functionality; allowing you to select whether you want to create a color or a B&W copy of the document that you have placed on the PIXMA G3000’s flatbed scanner.

While there’s technically nothing wrong with the buttons and LED indicators of the PIXMA G3000, Canon would certainly be making the PIXMA G3000 much more intuitive and user friendly if they decided to fit it with a touchscreen display instead - one that would be able to immediately show the printer’s current status without needing users to crack their heads over what the flashing LEDs mean. This, however, would have bumped up the price tag.

You won't have to constantly pry open the PIXMA G3000 to find out how much ink it has left in its four ink tanks.

These are no ordinary ink refill bottles, as they're designed specifically to minimize leakages, as you can tell from their sharp, pointed nozzles.

Located at the front of the PIXMA G3000 are its four, see-through integrated ink tanks, which Canon said is capable of churning out 6,000 B&W documents, or 7,000 color documents before running dry. Even when they do, you can rest assured that you won’t have to spend a fortune for their ink refill bottles, as each of the four bottles will only cost you RM30 a pop, which is very reasonable considering their high page yields. 

Unlike most (if not all) printers these days, the PIXMA G3000 surprisingly doesn’t come with an Ethernet port for you to hook it up to your office or home’s network. Instead, you’ll have to either connect to it via USB, or through Wi-Fi. Choosing the latter of the two connections will surely have you wishing that the PIXMA G3000 came with a touch panel or a LAN port, as the process of trying to pair the PIXMA G3000 with our office’s wireless router using a notebook PC was a rather frustrating affair, to say the least. We had no problems connecting the printer to our notebook PC directly via USB, though.

A sole USB port sits behind the PIXMA G3000. The addition of a network port would certainly be nice.

If you’re adamant on using the PIXMA G3000 as a wireless printer but dread the convoluted wireless setup process, you can always send your print jobs using your smartphone or tablet through the far more user-friendly Canon PRINT Inkjet/SEPLHY mobile app instead, which you can download from either Google Play or the iOS App Store.