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Showcasing the Best AV Products Under One Roof at KLIAV Show 2011

By Kevin Boey - 29 Jul 2011

Audio and Visual Entertainment Fans Get to Enjoy Another Edition of the KLIAV Show

Even on a Friday, AV fans have begun their search for the ultimate experience as well as bargains on media

Marking its 11th consecutive year in 2011, the annual Kuala Lumpur International AV Show for the Malaysian AV industry was launched earlier today at the JW Marriott Hotel. Now in its 18th year since the first AV Show in 1994, the event has brought together more exhibitors than the previous year, signifying a larger increase in participation as well as interest from AV brands.

Dick Tan, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee with some of the prizes for lucky winners at the start of the show

Chairman of the Organizing Committee, KL International AV Show 2011, Dick Tan said at the opening ceremony, “Every year the KL International AV Show serves as a national platform to the introduction of either new AV technologies or the maturation of others. This year is no different with the steadily increasing broadcast of high definition programs by Astro. Feedback from the local display retail industry reveals that sales of widescreen digital display systems have increased exponentially and that this trend is expected to be upheld well into the foreseeable future. While high definition programs are not new, Astro B.yond has finally heralded in the true digital age in broadcast.”

Apart from showcasing AV brands and technologies, visitors can also encounter high resolution home theater projectors at prices that are unheard of over a year ago. There will also be home theater receivers that are equipped with HDMI v1.4 inputs at much lower entry-level prices. Surround sound systems in either two- or multi-channel will also be one of the main features of the show.

Exhibitors preparing to accept the influx of visitors to the show earlier today

Visitors will begin to see a better showcase of new technologies and a better and more affordable range of AV products. They can also get a better understanding of the inner workings of 3D technology, where key members of the AV industry are on hand to expound and explain many of the myths and misinformation that surrounds it.

Some of the new sights that are in store for visitors include new 3D technologies

Other 3D technologies include the dual projectors seen here, which provides stereoscopic 3D enjoyment on a super large-screen format

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