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Picture gallery: What Canon has in store for the future

By Bryan Chan & Liu Hongzuo - 24 May 2016

Canon Super Creative Printing

Canon Super Creative Printing

This is not an actual brick wall - this is a print by Canon, and it captures the textures and gloss as printable data before it goes out as a copy.

This new mode of printing is able to capture the original source's gloss, its stereoscopic effect, and its sense of transparency. For example, if a user prints a copy of a famous artwork that was done using oil on canvas, you would get a reproduction of the canvas's texture and the painting's indents and ridges produced from its brushstrokes. Of course, we let Canon's display samples do the talking.

Canon also printed copies of original artwork done using oil on canvas, etc.

From Canon's explanation, the captured image will be analyzed during image processing. Gloss or surface elevation on the source material, no matter how delicate, will be calculated and subsequently converted into printable data. During the actual printing process, the rendered ink will be cured using ultraviolet (UV) exposure, and the printer uses ink lamination to form the image's surface texture and reflectiveness.