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Picture gallery: What Canon has in store for the future

By Bryan Chan & Liu Hongzuo - 24 May 2016

8K resolution capture, playback and broadcasting

8K capture, playback, and 8K broadcasting

Canon is also experimenting with the production and output of 8K resolution media. By using a Canon-developed 8K camera body paired with a "CN-E, 14.5 - 60mm, T2.6 L S" EF cinema lens, along with a conversion box and external recorder, Canon can capture 8K resolution images. To achieve 8K playback, Canon uses four sets of their 4K500ST 4K resolution projectors with edge-blending. The resulting projected image would have a resolution of 7,680 x 4,080 pixels.

The live broadcast of the 8K resolution video within the mock studio done by Canon.

Explanation on how to achieve 8K resolution live broadcast footage. Canon intends to have this technology ready for live broadcasting of the Olympic games in 2020.

For 8K broadcasting, Canon uses an 8K lens (7 x 19.7N KASD), an 8K camera with a Super 35mm 60fps sensor (8,192 x 4,320 effective pixels). the 8K camera uses an EF mount with cinema lock type and it's capable 8K RAW output. It uses two conversion boxes to bring real time 8K image, and the broadcast can be played back on an 8K display.