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HWZ.MY's online safety guide: Two is better than one

By Bryan Chan - 15 Nov 2016

HWZ.MY's online safety guide: Two is better than one

While you may think a password is all you'd need to secure your online accounts,how to create better passwords, there's another way to better secure your online accounts, and that's by enabling two-step verification.

Just what is two-step authentication? As its name suggests, it's an additional layer of security that lets you secure your account by requiring you to input a code sent directly to your email and/or phone. For example, you'd like to purchase something on Lazada using your credit or debit card. You key in your details, and click send (verification step one done). Lazada then tells your bank that you've just done a transaction, and your bank will then send an SMS containing a code. Key in this code when prompted, and that's it (verification step two done)!

When using your debit or credit card, your bank will send you a code to confirm that it really is you who's buying stuff online.Steam's 'SteamGuard' enables two-step verification either via email or its mobile app.

Most online bank accounts will have two-step verification enabled by default, and so do transactions done with your debit and/or credit card. However, there are online accounts like Gmail, Steam and Battle.net will require you to enable this function manually.

two-step verification can also be enabled on various accounts.


We strongly suggest you enable two-step verification for all of your online accounts. It may require you to input more details, but it really does help to secure your accounts. If you have a Google account, head over here to enable two-step verification.