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HP Takes Printing to a New Universe

By Jeremy Cheong - 12 Sep 2011

HP Takes Printing to a New Universe

Shanghai, China – On September 8, HP held its annual global Imaging and Printing Conference in Kerry Hotel, Pudong and we were part of the media entourage invited to the momentous event to witness first-hand what is in-store for consumers all over the world. During this event, HP announced several new innovations, collaboration, apps and solutions for consumer and small-to-medium business (SMB), up to enterprise and graphics customer segments.

Vyomesh Joshi, Executive Vice President, Imaging & Printing Group, HP was the man of the day as he was in charge of informing members of the media from around Asia Pacific and Japan on the new HP products and solutions and also how HP's printers have changed many industries

Famed poet, lyricist and screenwriter, Prasoon Joshi was also at the event to let everyone know how HP has helped to encourage students in India to expand their imagination and write interesting stories

Other than just printing, HP's technology have also helped in the medicine and pharmaceutical industry as Dr. Robert Allen, Principal Investigator, SIGA explained how the same technology used for ink nozzles are used for precise composition mixing

Part of the announcements made during this 'Big Bang' was the fact that there are now over 10 million web-connected printers shipped worldwide. Due to this fact, HP have also announced that the latest range of web-connected printers will be available from US$79.

The new HP ENVY110 e-All-in-One is a slim and sleek printer that comes in a stylish white and cream color. It will be available across 12 countries in Asia Pacific. Not only does it look good, the ENVY110 also has a high-resolution 3.45-inch touchscreen display with gesturing capabilities, allowing for printing, scanning, copying and browsing of content on print apps.

The revolutionary and perfect way to capture images of 3D objects and scan documents, the HP TopShot LaserJet Pro M275 is an affordable, ideal desktop companion for small or home offices. Equipped with the HP TopShot Scanning, it is able to capture six separate images of a document or a 3D objects and produce one final seamless image of exceptional quality.

Thanks to its enhanced new ink, the HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One printer is able to deliver professional color documents for up to 50 percent lower cost per page than lasers, and print virtually anywhere from mobile devices with HP ePrint.

Other than the new price point, HP also announced new mobile solutions so users can stay focused on more important tasks, whether they are at home, at work, or simply on-the-go:

  • Once again, HP delivers an industry first with the ePrint Wireless Direct printing, allowing users to connect directly to supported HP printers without the need for network or Internet connection, as all it requires is a Wi-Fi enabled mobile device with a simple peer-to-peer connection – perfect for SMBs.
  • Apple iOS, Android or Symbian smartphones and tablets users can also download the new HP ePrint Home & Biz app that unifies the ePrint experience by allowing customers to print documents and photos they need and want.
  • Other than wireless access, monitoring printers and supplies status and controlling a printer, the HP Printer Control mobile app for iOS device also allows users to turbocharge printing with its innovative scan and social sharing services. With this app, customers can scan photos and documents to Facebook, Google Docs and their emails – all from their mobile devices.

To date, HP already has about a 100 print apps available in the Asia Pacific region, with a quarter offering relevant local content. However, HP isn't looking to stop there as they also announced 10 new print apps to help consumers and business to leverage digital content explosion to enhance their work and lives. For home users, the print apps will provide local educational content, while the new Business Apps include the Biz Card Scanning app, Receipt Scanning app, as well as new apps from GoogleDocs and Box.net.

With new security solutions such as security card authentication, users can be sure that their important documents won't fall into the wrong hands

To continue their momentum of the HP Managed Printer Services and demonstrating yet another strategic move to simplify complex office processes and improve how enterprise customers work, HP also introduced new and enhanced solutions and services offerings:

  • HP Access Control Express, with HP Access Control Mobile Release is a bundled solution of simple, effective tools that helps reduce print costs and keep data secure, while increase user confidence and productivity.
  • For enterprise customers, HP also announced the HP ePrint app for BlackBerry smartphones. Using cloud technology, users can print from virtually anywhere – including HP ePrint-enabled printers, enterprise-networked printers and public print locations.
  • HP's Solution Business Partner Program also shows momentum with the announcements from Hyland and Jetmobile:
    • Hyland has joined the HP SBP program as a Platinum partner and HP will sell their OnBase solution, a comprehensive enterprise content management suite. Both companies will streamline processes by capturing electronic and paper-based documents, integrating that information into front- or back-end business applications, automating workflows and enabling instant acess to data stored in OnBase's secure and centrally managed repository.
    • Jetmobile's Securejet Express allows companies to control the security of HP Multifunction Printers by limiting access control for any MFPs function and prevent costly mistakes of fogetting to collect print jobs and taking the wrong print jobs.

“Our history of innovation runs deep and we continue to leverage that legacy and build on it for future growth. While printing in the traditional sense will continue to be integral to what we bring to the world, we are disrupting the market with leading innovations beyond the page as well,” said Vyomesh Joshi, Executive Vice President, Imaging & Printing Group, HP.

“HP continously seeks to enhance and redefine our users' experience with their printers at home. Our new web-connected home printers with a growing suite of mobile solutions and content services will provide greater control, helping our customers to stay connected on the go., and print from wherever they are,” said Stephen Nigro, Senior Vice President, Inkjet Web Solutions, HP Imaging & Printing Group, HP.

For more information, please visit www.hp.com.