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Five ways to gamify your next VR workout

By Anthony Lam - 29 Apr 2017

Five ways to gamify your next VR workout

Sometimes, all we need to get a good workout in is to make the exercise less like work and more like fun, and there’s nothing better than taking advantage of VR’s immersion to get you motivated for your desired workouts. With April being the month of the World Health Day, here are the top five VR games (and some tips) that will help your inner gamer stay in shape.


1. Audioshield

Music and dance lovers unite. This critically-acclaimed 'DDR for your hands' rhythm game is exactly what it sounds like. The game was an instant hit since the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have been released and remains to be one of the top rhythm-workout VR games of all time. Turn on your fan or AC for this one! 


2. Holopoint

Whoever said we can’t get a real workout in with archery? Wait until they’ve tried Holopoint. Defend yourself as a lone archer against waves of samurai, ninjas, and enemy archers. Aim, draw, release and evade in all directions. A proper full body stretch and warm up is highly recommended before launching this game. Even so, prepare for major soreness. 

3. The Thrill of the Fight

Ever wanted to be Little Mac from the Punch-Out!! series in real life? Now you can. Face off with the world’s best boxers in the virtual ring. Jab, dodge, sweat, and (hopefully not) bleed your way to become a champion. Oh yeah, don’t forget to have fun training with (a.k.a. abusing) your retired, soft-spoken Slavic coach. Protective gloves, shorts, and workout shoes recommended (not a joke!). You can skip the mouth guard though, if you like.

4. Fruit Ninja VR

For the sword-wielding ninja at heart. Practice your ninjitsu in this casual action Fruit Universe. Slice, juggle, and even skewer fruit while single or dual wielding. Survive the onslaught of nature’s sweet organic delights and score those delicious critical hits! Getting waterproof replacement face cushions for your VR headset will be necessary for this one. Don’t ask how I know.

5. Virtual Sports

Maybe being an archer, boxer, or ninja just isn’t your thing, and you miss playing some of the more conventional sports. Then dive in for some tennis and ping pong action with this intense single and multiplayer sports arena. Challenge your skills with realistic physics, or play in the 'fun mode' to get a boost in accuracy while you learn. Now you’ve got that private tennis court and ping pong table you’ve always wanted. Break out your running shoes for this one! 

Pro tips: Be sure to have at least a 2m x 2m space in your play area to get the most out of your VR workout with the above games. Get the waterproof and/or machine-washable replacement foam cushions for your VR headset (available on Amazon by third party sellers as well as independent online retailers). Silicone sleeves for your entire headset and motion controllers will help provide some protection against accidental impacts against objects (and sometimes people)! Remember, your VR workout is only as good as you and your environment makes it.  Stay healthy and carry on!

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Anthony is a writer and editor spanning multiple industries including tech, gaming, and aviation. An editor-in-chief by day and VR enthusiast by night, Anthony is a passionate and analytical gamer in a spectrum of genres, drawing from his experiences as an avid collector of over 1,500 video game titles.