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Expand your GoPro's functionality with these 10 accessories

By Team HardwareZone Malaysia - 8 Mar 2017

Expand your GoPro's functionality with these 10 accessories - Page 1

So you just bought yourself a brand new GoPro, or perhaps you've already had one for some time now, and you've already gotten tired on using it the same way over and over? Well, here are some accessories that can help expand the way you use your GoPro.

10. Casey

Those of you who have multiple GoPro units may want a safe, neat and easy way of transporting them. For you, there's the Casey, a semi-rigid case that can house multiple GoPro units, casings, wires, and even the 3-way mount. It's weather-resistant, and has a padded interior to keep the contents safe from bumps. The compartments can be customized to suit your needs. This case is priced at RM249 and is now available through authorized dealers.

9. [qudos] action video light

As versatile as your GoPro is, its capabilities are limited in low-light environments. For times like these, having a portable light source like the qudos will let the vlogging continue. The qudos is an action video light that delivers up to 400 lumens of light and is incredibly lightweight at only 150g. You can control the brightness and light speed, and best of all, it's as rugged as your GoPro, thanks to an IP68 rating. It is priced at RM499 and is now available through authorized dealers.

Here is the qudos in action:


8. Chesty

Sometimes, during your travels, lugging around a backpack isn’t usually the most ideal way to enjoy a brisk walk or tour of your holiday destination. Enter the GoPro Chesty, a breathable chest-mounted strap that allows you to attach your GoPro camera directly to your chest. Easy to wear, comfortable, and fuss-free, the Chesty is your go-to accessory for a more leisurely way of recording video of all your exotic travails. It is priced at RM199 and is now available through authorized dealers.

7. Quik Key

When you’re in the middle on an adventure, it can be difficult to get footage off of your GoPro and onto an external device. But with the Quik Key, things can be a lot simpler. You have a choice of either a Micro-USB, USB Type-C or Lightning connector on the microSD card reader, and a latch for you to carry it around with. You can get one at any authorized dealers.

6. 3-Way

Having an extension arm around when you’re recording with your GoPro can be very handy, but have you ever thought at times that there are ways in which it can be improved? For those times, there is the GoPro 3-Way. You get a grip, a two-joint extension arm, and a tripod bundled into one item, and you can use any configuration, or a combination of all of them. The 3-way is priced at RM329 and is now available at authorized dealers.

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