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CNY with HWZ.MY: Translating superstition to tech

By Ian Chee - 27 Jan 2017

CNY with HWZ.MY: Translating superstition to tech

Chinese New Year is around the corner again. It also happens to be one of the celebration with the most superstitions surrounding it. With a fair share that you’ve probably been told of over the years, here are some of them that have endured through the ages, and the probable reasoning behind them. And since we’re a tech site, we’ll be giving every superstition a tech twist.

Image source: REW.ca

1.) No cleaning/cutting

By tradition, this means no sweeping the floor or wiping your ceiling fans. In tech, it will probably translate to not deleting files, programs, apps, spam, or even your internet browser history. Some may extend this belief to cutting, so video editing or image cropping either.

Why you should do this: It is said that sweeping away dirt will also mean sweeping away your luck. Similarly, cutting of anything, be it hair or string, will lead to cutting short good fortune.

2.) Get new apps

It is a commonly practiced tradition that has you getting new stuff, like new clothes and new paint for your house. In the same spirit, you should go pay the Google Play Store or Apple App Store a visit and get yourself a new pile of apps.

Why you should do this: You start the new year with new things, leaving all the old behind. That said, you don’t have to get rid of your old apps, just like you don’t have get rid of your new clothes every Chinese New Year.

3.) Do everything in pairs

Good things come in pairs. Double happiness. These are the kind of phrases that you’ll always hear during this festive period. So send incomplete greetings and finish them off with a second part. This applies for your text messages, Facebook posts or tweets.

Why you should do this: We don’t quite know why this belief exists, but in the modern world of tech, this means that you’ll have twice the chance of people seeing your texts and responding in kind and send double notifications to people’s feed. But do so sparingly since it’s still spam, after all.

4.) Keep windows open

Traditionally, this means keeping doors and windows open at home, typically throughout the first day of the Lunar New Year. In terms of tech, you’ll have to endeavor to open as many windows as possible, be it your internet browser or simply your file explorer. On mobile devices, just keep as many tabs open as you can. Also, remove any lock you have on your devices.

Why you should do this: The customary opening of all doors and windows is said to be more welcoming to the God of Fortune, so leaving everything open increases the odds of him coming in and having his blessing stay with you. Just remember to close the unused ones and lock your devices when you’re done.

5.) Set your devices to be always on

Keep all the lights at home lit. Translated to tech devices, you just need to set your devices to never sleep and set their display brightness to the highest it can go.

Why you should do this: Tied to the point before, bright lights are said to make your house look more inviting to the God of Prosperity. So when your devices can act as extra sources of light, why not make use of them?

6.) Avoid black and white

Pretty self explanatory, but basically don’t wear these colors and try to not have anything showing these colors. If you have devices of these colors the get them differently colored cases or wallpapers.

Why you should do this: Black and white are commonly associated with death and mourning, hence why these colors are frowned upon during the festive seasons.

7.) Buy everything that is on sale

There is a tradition where too much food is intentionally being cooked for the reunion dinner, so that there’s leftovers for breakfast the next day. The modern day technological equivalent will be to buy more apps than you can use and more games than you can play in one night, so that you’ll have leftovers for the next day.

Why you should do this: The excess in food is usually seen as a sign of abundance, even if it’s a willful one. It is hoped that the new year will bring the same sort of abundance all year round, so why limiot it to food?

8.) Don’t do any reading

Originally, the superstition dictated that you shouldn’t associate yourself with books. So in tech, you can extend this to e-books.

Why you should do this: The word ‘book’ in mandarin is a homophone for ‘lose’, as in to be defeated. It is then believed that reading during this festive period will lead to losses throughout the rest of the year.

Since we made you read, here are some lions to ward away whatever bad luck that may come for you. <br> Image source: Calgary Herald.