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Audio Roundup: Sony's new flagship noise cancelers, a $20,000 headphone amp/dac, and lovely wood headphones

By Kenny Yeo - 12 Nov 2018,12:29pm

New and upcoming

New and upcoming

Rocky Mountain Audio Festival 2018 witnessed the release of a couple of new headphones. Here are the three most noteworthy.


Focal Elegia


Hot on the heels of the Utopia, Elear, and Clear comes the Elegia. This is Focal’s first high-end closed-back headphone. It features an M-shaped dome driver like Focal’s other headphones but this time made out of aluminum and magnesium. Priced at S$1,299, this will do battle with Audeze’s new LCD2 Closed-Back headphone.


MrSpeakers Ether 2

The successor to the brand’s highly successful Ether headphones, the Ether 2 features a new planar magnetic driver and even lighter construction. At under 290g, this is possibly the lightest full-size around-ear planar magnetic headphone you can buy right now.


ZMF Vérité

The Auteur, ZMF’s last flagship, featured a bio-cellulose driver. The new Vérité flagship features a beryllium-coated dynamic driver that gives it a faster sound and better control. Like all of ZMF’s other headphones, the Vérité features a gorgeous handcrafted wood ear cup.

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