Stand Your Ground

By Chong Jinn Wei - on 17 Aug 2012, 4:53pm

Ask yourself how long do you spend sitting down in a day? In a typical desk job, it may count for as long as eight or nine hours on average. This has not accounted for the time you spent sitting in the car or eating and chatting with friend, and let’s not forget watching TV or using our PC at home. The point I'm trying to get at is: sitting too long can be dangerous to our health.

Sitting around though comfortable, has a number of bad effects to our body.

Evidently, we need to sit down and do our work, but generally you would feel less energetic after a while. According to some studies, when you sit down, muscle activity on our legs will stop, the calories that you burn drops to one per minute, enzymes that break down fat drops by 90%, good cholesterol drops by 20% and our insulin effectiveness drops by 24%, increasing the risk of diabetes.

Other more serious problems that can occur after long sitting sessions also include deep vein thrombosis. This causes our blood to clot within our veins, which can cause life-threatening conditions, such as heart attacks and pulmonary embolism.

Standing desks provide an ideal height for people to use their computers, but they can be quite pricey.

The only obvious action that we should take is quite obvious – we should stand up and exercise more. However, not everyone can instantly decide and go to the gym. One solution you could consider is getting a standing desk, which is essentially an elevated desk that requires you to stand to use it effectively. Why would you do this, you might ask? When standing, you will burn more calories than if you are sitting. Secondly, you will have a better posture and this allows you to move around more naturally. After all, human weren't created to spend their time sitting around.

You could use anything else to elevate your desk to a suitable height.

Despite the benefits of having a fancy standing desk, they cost a pretty penny. You do not necessarily need to get one though, as you can fashion yourself your own standing desk by using boxes, books or anything else to elevate you desk higher, so that you feel comfortable working while standing. Though standing has its benefits, you should not stand the entire time. So remember to take short breaks as well. If that still sound like too much trouble, simply take frequent walking breaks to stretch your legs.

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Chong Jinn Wei

Chong Jinn Wei / Freelance Writer

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