Introducing a game developer and his views on the gaming industry

By Ian Chee - on 01 May 2017, 10:47am

Today being Labor Day, I'm taking a break in my own way and not going on my usual tirade of what's wrong with the world. Instead, I'm going to introduce you to a person that deserves more public recognition than he already does. His name is Troy Leavitt. 

Image source: YouTube.

Troy Leavitt was formerly a person in the game development circle, responsible for the Disney Infinity series before it was ultimately canceled. He's got over two decades of game development experience, and now being free from Disney, is allowed to chime in on what he thinks is going on in the gaming industry. He shares his level-headed arguments in a YouTube channel on various issues, including why publishers release unfinished and buggy games, an interview series with Liana Kerzner on why Feminist Frequency and Anita Sarkeesian are feminazis instead of feminists, and other random stuff once in a while. 

So why am I only introducing you to him now? The reason is simple – mainly because I'm a slowpoke and only found out he's got a YouTube channel going on last week, but more importantly because this is one of those rare moments that we get to hear the perspective of a game developer on things. As you might be well aware, non-PR people are often media-trained to not say anything or be purposefully vague so that they don’t say anything that can be used against a company after its product has been released. But now that he's not developing any games for anyone, he's not obliged to keep mum over things and can share his own personal opinion on things before he goes working for someone to make games again. One example we'd like to point out immediately is a developer's take on why No Man's Sky is the mess that it is

All that said, I'd like to think that the most valuable takeaways you can get from the channel is his opinion on Feminist Frequency from a developer's perspective. And I'd like to take this opportunity to echo his stance that the bunch, mostly famous thanks to Anita Sarkeesian, is a bunch of scummy and scammy professional victims that give feminism a bad name. It's something that I've always thought, but also something that we as a professional news outlet has never taken a stance in. Well, that and the whole GamerGate controversy. His take on the latter can sound very conspiracy theory-like, but it's not without merits if you bother to check his facts.

Other things to also look out for when going through his channel are links to two other proper feminists, like the aforementioned Liana Kerzner, Canadian TV host and video games writer. The other is Dr Christina Hoff Summers of the Factual Feminist subchannel of the American Enterprise Institute.  

Also, surprise takeaway is that Zoe Quinn, supposed victim of GamerGate, is also a Feminist Frequency professional victim. I'll just put the video on that topic down here, but the main video that you should be paying attention to is the one where he tears away Feminist Frequency's false facade of feminism, further down below.

So I've got three people ranting for me this time around, and since most of what they have to say echoes my own, I feel my job today is done. Happy Labor Day, people. Though going through all that material can be some serious work as well. 

And on that bombshell, adieu to y'all.

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