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Anatomy of Creative's Zen Micro Audio Player
By Justin Ong
Category : Sound
Published by Jimmy Tang on Monday, 13th December, 2004

Disassembly of the Main Body (Part II)

A Seagate 5GB ST1 one-inch hard drive is revealed after the ribbon cable has been safely unplugged and with the circuit board fully flipped opened. A Samsung 16MB SDRAM module can be found soldered onto the board as a buffer for the Seagate hard drive when the Zen Micro is playing back digital audio files.

Insert the tip of the flathead screwdriver beneath the corner of the hard drive…

…pivot the screwdriver on the metal casing and the Seagate hard drive can be jacked out of its cavity easily.

You can pull out the interfacing data pins easily with the hard drive completed extracted.

The Seagate ST1 5GB is a one-inch hard drive specially designed for handheld consumer electronics devices such as the Creative Zen Micro. This very same drive can also be found in another hard disk based MP3 player, the Rio Carbon.

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