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Windows 8 Shows Strong Adoption Rate
By Bryan Chan - on 25 Jan 2013, 11:15am

Windows 8 Shows Strong Adoption Rate

Danny Ong, Chief Marketing & Operations Officer, Microsoft Malaysia

Last Wednesday (January 23) marked the 88th day since Microsoft launched Windows 8 here in Malaysia. Danny Ong, Chief Marketing & Operating Officer for Microsoft Malaysia shares with us about the adoption rate of the operating system.

“Traditionally, our Malaysian and Asia-Pacific customers are amongst the earliest adopters of new technologies. They are especially interested in the latest computing devices such as Ultrabooks, tablet PCs, and hybrids. I am pleased to say that the same is true for Windows 8, we are delighted with the momentum we’ve seen so far,” said Danny Ong.

He added that, “Malaysian customers are buying new devices from our retail and channel partners, and existing customers are also downloading Windows 8 upgrades in unprecedented numbers. Many of them are taking advantage of our once-only offer to upgrade from XP, Vista and Windows 7 to Windows 8 at a significant discount which ends on the 31st. This current pricing represents a 725% discount on the usual cost, which will kick in from February 1."

Adoption of Windows 8 continues to build steadily in Malaysia and across Asia-Pacific, with the region now one of the fastest-growing markets in the world for Windows 8. App development for this OS has also been strong, with more developers now coming up with apps for Windows 8. Among the most downloaded and used apps in Malaysia for the platform includes AirAsia, The Star Online, MalaysiaKini, and MYDIN.

As of today, there are six days left before the end of January, which is also the last chance for consumers to get their hands on Windows 8 Pro for RM122 via download or RM229 via retail. After January 31, the price of Windows 8 Pro will increase to RM885.

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