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WeChat Talks Social Media with Us
By John Law - on 20 Aug 2013, 5:09pm

WeChat Talks Social Media With Us

Louis Song, Country Manager, WeChat had come down to Malaysia to talk to us about the social media circle over a media luncheon

WeChat invited the media to lunch today, as well as to give us a brief summary of what has happened with the world's most popular social media app at current.

Having lunch with us was Louis Song, Country Manager for WeChat in Malaysia. Song talked briefly about what's new on the latest version of the app, WeChat 5.0. One of the latest features mentioned was the “Hold Together” function, a location based service that allows users to further find and connect friends who are close to each other. Along with this new feature, the app also has a new “Save Messages” function which allow users to keep sentimental text and voice messages and photos.

Hail WeChat, the champion of the social media chat world

Song also made mention of the app's user milestone, such as becoming the number one social media app in the world, from which we first reported sometime back.

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