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Watson, IBM's A.I. , accurately diagnosed rare form of leukemia
By Ian Chee - on 8 Agu 2016, 5:44pm

Watson, IBM's A.I. , accurately diagnosed rare form of leukemia

As A.I. tech improves, they have proven to be capable of really incredible feats. Google’s defeated a top human Go player (the board game, not Pokémon), and IBM’s has just recently saved a human life.

Image source: YouTube / IBM.

Doctors at the University of Tokyo report that the A.I. – called Watson – diagnosed a 60 year-old woman’s rare form of leukemia that had been incorrectly diagnosed months earlier. The machine took 10 minutes comparing the patients’s genetic changes with a database of 20 million cancer research papers, and delivered an accurate diagnosis, leading to proper treatment. Thanks to this, the woman's life has been saved.

This may be the one extra tool doctors need to save lives – when there are tons of readily comparable data, A.I.s can do their magic and identify with accuracy what a particular ailment may be. This is especially useful when trying to identify ailments with a lot of complex symptoms, plenty of which are shared with other forms of diseases.

Source: Engadget.