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Upgrading to Windows 8 Pro is Just US$69.99 for Students
By Sharmine Ishak - on 8 Mar 2013, 4:53pm

Upgrading to Windows 8 Pro is Just US$69.99 for Students

Starting March 7, 2013, Microsoft is offering a Windows 8 Student Offer for students to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro via the Microsoft Store for just US$69.99 (estimated retail price).

Since its launch, Windows 8 has been offering students the best for work and play, thanks to a brand new Start screen that makes it super easy to organize, access and find things that matter the most to them. With apps like Microsoft OneNote and Evernote for taking notes in class or Skype to stay connected with friends and family - all of which can be downloaded from the Windows Store - students can be even more productive than before, while maintaining social connections and having fun.

With this offer, students with a valid e-mail address through a qualifying education institution and a PC currently running a genuine copy of Windows XP (XP3), Windows Vista or Windows 7 can opt for an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. This academic offer is open to students, faculty and staff, with each limited to only purchasing five (5) copies per 12-month period. Verification of eligibility is required prior to purchase.

This follows Microsoft's announcement yesterday, which states the change in the Office 2013 retail license agreement, allowing customers to transfer the software from one PC to another.

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