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Transcend announces the DrivePro 130 and DrivePro 110 dashcam
By Peter Chu - on 17 Jul 2017, 4:33pm

Transcend announces the DrivePro 130 and DrivePro 110 dashcam

Now that the number of road bullying cases are back on the rise, it would definitely be in your best interest to have a dashcam installed in your car, so that their reckless behavior can be recorded for local authorities to investigate.

If you’re in need of suggestions, perhaps you might want to consider the Transcend DrivePro 130 or the DrivePro 110. They are both equipped with a high-sensitivity Sony image sensor, and are capable of recording Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) videos at 30 fps. And with built in Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology, you can rest assured that the DrivePro 130 and DrivePro 110 will be able to capture minute details (such as number plates) even under difficult lighting conditions.

Both the DrivePro 130 and DrivePro 110 dashcams are also equipped with additional features such as a time-lapse video recording function (to capture evidence of your neighbor accidentally scratching your car while you’re asleep), a Headlight Reminder (for reminding you to switch on your car’s headlights at night), and a Driver Fatigue Alert (to remind you to get some rest after driving for a pre-determined amount of time).

Only the DrivePro 130 offers Wi-Fi connectivity, however, which allows to view and download videos and images using the accompanying DrivePro app on your Android on iOS device. You’ll have to do things the manual way with the DrivePro 110 – meaning you’ll have to remove its microSD card whenever you want to view its content.

We’ve yet to receive local pricing and availability details for the Transcend DrivePro 130 and DrivePro 110. We’ll update this story when we do.

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