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Super Mario Run could be downloaded more than Pokémon GO in first month
By Bryan Chan & Cookie Monster - on 13 Des 2016, 9:28am

Super Mario Run could be downloaded more than Pokémon GO in first month

Super Mario Run is expected to be the next big hit after Pokémon GO when it launches on iOS this Thursday, December 15.

According to the Mobile Insights team from app analytics firm Sensor Tower, Super Mario Run predicts that Super Mario Run will be downloaded more than 50 million times worldwide in the first month. This figure is about 56-percent larger than Pokémon GO's estimated 32 million downloads on iOS in the first month. Considering that Super Mario Run will be available in 150 countries at launch while Pokémon GO had limited release at launch, this feat is hardly surprising. 

In terms of worldwide gross revenue, Super Mario Run is estimated to earn more than US$71 million during the first month of availability which will lag behind Pokémon GO's estimated record of US$143 million in the same period. Nonetheless, Super Mario Run is likely to be among the top five grossing iOS games of all time based on the first month revenue. 

The Super Mario Run game could potentially bring in more revenue for telcos as it requires a constant internet connection to play. While there is no official word on its data usage, a game which requires a "network connection with all three of the [Super Mario Run] modes to keep all of the modes functioning together" seems like a data hogger.

Source: SensorTower via Business Insider