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Sony Teases February 20 Date, Possibly Next-Gen Console Unveiling
By Bryan Chan - on 1 Feb 2013, 10:50am

Sony Teases February 20 Date, Possibly Next-Gen Console Unveiling

Earlier today, Sony uploaded a teaser video on the official U.S. PlayStation.Blog. The video is only 45 seconds long, and shows the iconic PlayStation buttons: the X, Square, Triangle, and Circle, as well as a date: February 20, 2013. Word on the Internet is that both Sony and Microsoft will be unveiling their respective next-generation consoles this year, so this video may just be a confirmation on Sony’s part. Sony's next-generation console is codenamed Orbis. 

Based on development kits that were handed out to video game developers last year, Orbis will most likely have 8GB of RAM, 2.2GB of video RAM, four dual-core CPUs, an AMD-based GPU, four USB 3.0 ports, two LAN ports, a Blu-ray drive, 160GB worth of storage, as well as HDMI and Optical outputs. These may not represent the final specifications of Orbis, but they will most likely differ slightly.

The teaser shows the iconic PlayStation buttons. There's definitely a high chance that the video indicates a date for when Sony announces its next-generation console.

The teaser site also allows you to register your interest, as well as provide hashtag for Twitter users to follow: #playstation2013.

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