Shopping with Malaysian Celebrities Available with StreetDeal

Shopping with Malaysian Celebrities Available with StreetDeal

So it’s not enough that online shopping has already eaten up much of your monthly paycheck, but now comes into the picture to offer consumers the chance to shop with local celebrities such as Aishah Sinclair, Amber Chia, Daphne Iking, Atilia, DJ Fuzz, Douglas Lim, Dynas Mokhtar, Julie Woon, Linora Low, Patricia K, Sazzy Falak, Serena C, Soo Wincci and Yasmin Hani.

The online shopping site takes a rather unique approach to buying things in cyberspace where celebrities, known as “Insiders” will personally select their favorite products and their fans can purchase them with exciting offers of up to 90% discount.

“All Malaysians love a good deal and we are confident loyal fans in particular will love the idea of sharing their favorite celebrities lifestyle by using products they have personally tested and reviewed, and are recommending,” said Aaron Sarma, Country Manager of StreetDeal Malaysia.

“Our three-prong approach captures a win-win scenario for all parties involved. The end user enjoys appealing offers and good deals, the merchants enjoy customers acquisition and high profile promotions for their goods and services, and the Insiders are able to grow their fan base, increase fan engagement, and allow their fans to enjoy some of the great products that they use themselves,” Aaron continues.

Interested shoppers can check out or for the latest deals.

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