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The Sequent is a US$189 self-charging smartwatch
By Michael Low & James Lu - on 10 Jul 2017, 11:45am

The Sequent is a US$189 self-charging smartwatch

The biggest drawback to smartwatches is having to charge them all the time. But there's a new smartwatch on Kickstarter that's trying to solve that problem.

The Sequent uses a self-charging kinetic battery system that charges the battery as you move around. The watch is a hybrid smartwatch with a traditional watch face, but with a heart rate sensor, activity tracker, GPS, Bluetooth, and a notification system. That's actually pretty good in terms of hybrid smartwatch features.

You can back Sequent on Kickstarter starting at US$189 (~RM812). The company says watches will start at US$438 (~RM1,883) when it hits retail, so that’s a pretty good discount. 

Source: Sequent Kickstarter.