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Samsung Unveils New Tech for CES 2013
By Bryan Chan - on 4 Jan 2013, 11:08am

Samsung Unveils New Tech for CES 2013

In anticipation of the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Samsung has announced a slew of new products including the new NX300, the Evolution Kit, an enhanced model of the Series 7 Chronos, as well as an all-new Series 7 Ultra.

The Samsung NX300 is the new flagship compact camera in the NX series, which is equipped with a new 20.3-megapixel APS-CMOS sensor. This sensor is capable of capturing highly detailed images at an impressive ISO range of ISO100-25600. To ensure sharp images every time, the NX300 makes use of a new Hybrid Auto Focus system that delivers enhanced phase and contrast detection. Overseeing the quality of the image that’s captured is Samsung’s very own DRIMe IV image engine, which provides better color reproduction and improved noise reduction, as well as support 1080p video capture in both 2D and 3D (3D only available when used with the new NX45mm f/ 1.8 2D/3D lens).

The Samsung NX300 is Samsung's new flagship compact camera in the NX series

Also announced is Samsung’s Evolution kit, which enables users to upgrade their existing Samsung Smart TVs to become more powerful. The Evolution Kit is attached to the back of a Samsung Smart TV and provides enhancement on a hardware level, such as a more powerful CPU, memory, and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). At the software level, the Evolution Kit will update the 2012 Smart Hub to the 2013 version.

Samsung's Evolution Kit allows existing Samsung Smart TV owners to upgrade their TVs without having to buy a new set

Samsung will also be showcasing two additions to its Series 7 lineup: the enhanced Series 7 Chronos and the Series 7 Ultra. The Series 7 Chronos provides enhanced performance by using an Intel quad-core processor that’s complemented by up to 16GB of RAM. There’s also an external graphics card with 2GB of dedicated memory fitted into a slim chassis that measures just 20.9mm. What’s unique about the enhanced Series 7 Chronos however, is the inclusion of a new software solution – RAMaccelerator – that provides up to 150% increase in browsing and overall application speeds. It also has a ten-finger, multi-touch screen that works seamlessly with Windows 8.

As for the Series 7 Ultra, this notebook is the first Ultrabook in the Series 7 family. It sports a full HD display that’s capable of outputting images at a brightness level of 350-nit, JBL speakers that provide crystal clear audio, and a dedicated AMD Radeon graphics card for some light to casual gaming. It is powered by a range of Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, and has up to 256GB SSD storage. 4G LTE connectivity will also be integrated into the Series 7 Ultra.

The enhanced Samsung Series 7 Ultra (pictured) and the Samsung Series 7 Chronos offer powerful performance in a sleek form factor

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