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Samsung Teases ChatON 2.0, Smart Hub and Smart TV Ahead of CES 2013
By Michael Low & Sidney Wong - on 27 Des 2012, 2:52pm

Samsung Teases ChatON 2.0, Smart Hub and Smart TV Ahead of CES 2013

Samsung is gearing up for CES 2013 by releasing a teaser video for its Smart TV and giving consumers a preview of its new Smart Hub. Its instant messaging app, ChatON is also upgraded to version 2.0.

Image source: Samsung Tomorrow

Launched in September 2011, ChatON is a mobile instant messaging app that is available across major smartphone platforms such as Google Android, BlackBerry and Apple iOS. Now in its second version, ChatON 2.0 offers new features and significant upgrades such as: 

  • Multi-screen feature that enables users to chat up to five connected devices using one account
  • Invite friends to ChatOn conversations from a wider range of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Weibo
  • A virtual space called the "Trunk" to store, comment on, photos and videos with friends before sharing them on other social networking sites 
  • Special Buddy delivers great offers, updates and news feeds from third-party vendors in real-time, and allows users to vote in polls or leave their comments 
  • The ability to create own personal profiles and post status updates for others to see and comment on
  • Interaction Rank provides information about users' conversations with friends 
  • Freedom to customize and personalize messages via images, recorded audio clips or animated emoticons 

ChatON 2.0 is now available in over 200 countries in more than 60 languages. It is preloaded on all Samsung mobile devices and can be downloaded at Samsung Apps.

Image source: Samsung Tomorrow

Samsung will be taking the wraps off the new Smart Hub which is a unique content platform for Samsung Smart TV. The new Smart Hub will have an updated interface where users can enjoy live broadcasts and a variety of other contents such as movies, apps, and personal photo collections on the same screen. Users also can expect a more intuitive experience with various contents categorized into five sections on one screen. Here are the five categories: 

  • "On TV" for live TV
  • "Movies & TV Shows" based on VOD contents 
  • "Apps" for various apps
  • "Social" for social networking sites contents sharing function
  • "Photos, Videos Music" for personal content

Another highly anticipated feature is the "Flipping" function, where users can browse through five screens with Samsung's unique motion control function. Flipping is an easier and more fun method to select your preferred program.

Last but not least, Samsung released the CES 2013 Smart TV teaser video to arouse curiosity and generate discussion about the upcoming launch of its innovative TV. In the video, TV sets come to life, leave their locations and head over to a large venue. The TV sets look in the same direction at a large TV set  which is covered by a white veil. The video ends off with the line, "All the TVs are rushing to see Samsung's new TV."

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