Samsung Concludes AppStar 2012 with Grand Finale

Samsung Concludes AppStar 2012 with Grand Finale

Just last week, Samsung’s five month long event called the AppStar 2012 came to its grand finale with 12 teams presenting their ideas for an application in front of a panel of judges to take home prizes in the form of cash scholarships. The AppStar 2012 campaign saw more than 3,500 submissions from over 40 universities where each team showcased their innovative, creative and inventive skills in developing mobile applications to solve real-world issues.

After a grueling competition, it was narrowed down to 12 teams and each of these teams were sent to a Samsung boot camp where they learnt vital skills in presenting and marketing ideas from industry experts. In the grand finale, these 12 teams went on stage in front of a live audience and a panel of judges to present their ideas one last time. In the end, it was the all-girl team Rigel who won the competition with their app called GYNOID. This app was designed to help protect women by recording the surrounding space when they are in danger and sends the video alert to their loved ones.

The team brought home a cash scholarship of RM24,000 and three units of Samsung’s flagship GALAXY S III smartphone.

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