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Rumor: iPhone 5 Comes with 8MP Camera
By Daniel Goh - on 13 Sep 2011, 3:18pm

Rumor: iPhone 5 Comes with 8MP Camera

It’s hard to make a distinct connection between a plate of sushi and iPhone 5 rumors, but apparently a photo was posted to Flickr by an Apple engineer that suggests that the highly-anticipated iPhone 5 might be equipped with an 8MP camera.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

Now marked private, the photo was taken roughly at lunch time and includes a GPS stamp on the EXIF data.

Ars Technica - The account of the person that posted the image lists his job title as "Apple Software Engineer," the GPS coordinates point to office space at 1 Infinite Loop, and the time it was taken is marked as 11:52am (lunch time!). Additionally, the original caption on Flickr read, "Lunch at work: Uni (sea urchin), hirame (wild halibut), sake (wild Alaskan salmon), avocado roll." And, as some readers may know, Apple's corporate cafeteria is known for, among other delicacies, its sushi.

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