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Rumor: AMD Radeon HD 7990 to Launch in End of April
By Michael Low & Wong Chung Wee - on 18 Apr 2013, 11:46am

Rumor: AMD Radeon HD 7990 to Launch in End of April

According to a report by Ocaholic, the AMD Radeon HD 7990 card will be officially launched on 24th April. The card is reported to feature two 'improved' Tahiti GPUs, and they will be kept cool with a triple-fan cooling system.

(Image Source: Legit Reviews)

An engineering sample of the AMD Radeon HD 7990 graphics card found its way to eBay and its specifications were listed as followings:

Core Code Dual Tahiti XT2 ('Improved' Tahiti XT)
Core clock 1075MHz
Manufacturing Process 28nm
Video memory 6GB GDDR5, 6000MHz (1500MHz GDDR5)
PCI Express Interface PCIe ver 3.0 x16
Outputs 1 x DVI-D, 4 x mini-DisplayPort
Molex Power Connectors 2 x 8-pin (375W)

There are also unofficial Radeon 7990 cards that have been released by add-on card partners of AMD; they are the ASUS ROG ARES II Radeon HD 7990 (RM5,599) and the PowerColor Devil 13 Radeon HD 7990 where they feature two AMD Radeon 7970 GPUs (Tahiti XT) on a single PCB, coupled with a high-customized cooling system. At the time of writing, the engineering sample of the official card was already sold at a winning bid of US$96,100!

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