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Riot Games introduces Student Ambassador Program in Malaysia
By Ian Chee - on 21 Apr 2017, 2:55pm

Riot Games introduces Student Ambassador Program in Malaysia

Riot Games has just introduced its Student Ambassador Program in Malaysia for university and college students to develop transferable career critical skills, using games to jumpstart their future careers.

From L-R, back row: Gurpardeep Singh, Vice President, Operations, APIIT Education Group; Mark Sargeant, Program Lead, Student Ambassador Program, Riot Games; Benjamin Pommeraud, General Manager, Riot Games Singapore and Malaysia; and Hasnul Hadi Samsuddin, Director of Creative Content and Technologies Division, MDEC, with two of the 28 student ambassadors.

During the one-year program, student-ambassadors will lead campus programs that will develop their leadership, critical-thinking, communication, collaboration, events management and budgeting skills. These student-ambassadors will also be presented with certificates, testimonials and partial scholarships, with the top ambassadors getting an all-expense paid trip to watch the League of Legends World Championship Finals next year.

The Riot Games Student Ambassador Program runs from April 2017 to March 2018, with this first batch consisting of 28 students from 28 universities and colleges throughout Malaysia.

“The video game industry is innovative and competitive. We know the importance of studying hard to perform in today’s world. It is part of Riot’s culture to propel innovation, nurture talent and to create a positive perception for the gaming industry. This is why we are willing to do with our ambassador program. We were impressed by the hundreds of applications we received from students around the country. There are so many talents out there who are both good students, charismatic and passionate about gaming. We hope to help them develop the skills that will be useful to their development as future professionals,” said Benjamin Pommeraud, General Manager, Riot Games Singapore and Malaysia.

Overall, the program does sound like it will give the student-ambassadors a lot of freedom. They're given a set budget every quarter, and they're expected to organize events of their own choosing, as frequently as they can, or want. The only criteria that Riot Games has put forward to the student-ambassadors is that by the end there needs to be one that is much like what a final year university student would be asked to do for their final year project. It sounds like an extra co-curricular activity to take on, but the benefit of partial scholarships should make it tempting enough for them to strive their hardest.

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