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RIM Announces BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10
By Michael Low & Joy Hou - on 23 Jan 2013, 3:51pm

RIM Announces BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

RIM has announced the next generation of its multiplatform enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution, BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) 10, is now available for download.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 re-invents BlackBerry EMM by bringing together device management, security, and mobile applications management for BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, and new BlackBerry 10 smartphones in a consolidated solution. It also provides a single console for managing BlackBerry, Android, and iOS devices.

Key Features for BlackBerry 10 smartphones with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10:-

  • Support for secure separation of work and personal applications and data on BlackBerry 10 smartphones through BlackBerry Balance technology.
  • Support for seamless and secure access to work email, content and secure connectivity to “behind the firewall” applications and data.
  • BlackBerry World for Work, the new corporate app storefront for BlackBerry 10 smartphones that allows organizations to easily manage apps for employees. Administrators can push and install the organization’s mandatory apps to both corporate and personal-owned devices and publish recommended apps to employees.
  • Rich management controls for securing and managing work profiles including hierarchical group management with Active Directory integration, support for customizable administrative roles with granular capabilities, an intuitive enterprise enrollment process for employees that offers a self-service console, and centralized control of assignable profiles for email, SCEP, Wi-Fi, VPN andproxy servers.

You can download the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 software here. A limited 60 day free trial (includes device licenses) is available here.