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Rayman Legends Delayed, No Longer Exclusive to Wii U
By Bryan Chan - on 8 Feb 2013, 11:21am

Rayman Legends Delayed, No Longer Exclusive to Wii U

Rayman Legends, originally scheduled for release exclusively on Nintendo’s Wii U console on February 26 will be delayed. Ubisoft also announced that the title will be released for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in early September 2013.

Geoffroy Sardin, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Ubisoft said, “We heard from many Xbox and PlayStation owners and Rayman fans who told us they really wanted to play Rayman Legends on their current system. We decided to give the fans what they wanted while at the same time broadening the audience exposed to this innovative and memorable game. “

Rayman Legends is the sequel to Rayman Origins. It features new game modes, characters, environments and a new soundtrack. The new UbiArt engine is used to include multi-dimensional gameplay elements, an improved lighting system and updated game rendering.

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